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Learn fundamental concepts of how ERM helps management make risk-informed decisions and achieve objectives with certainty…

Providing management with the tools to make risk-informed decisions when developing the strategic plan is a significant part  of a mature ERM program. Regretfully, only 19% of organizations feel their risk management process is a “proprietary strategic tool that provides a unique competitive advantage” according to the 2018 State of Risk Oversight Report from N.C. State University.

In this 3-part video series, we explore foundational concepts and challenges to  integrating risk management into the strategic planning process. You will learn:

4 Critical Actions for Successful ERM Program
  • Where most ERM programs stand in terms of integrating risk into strategic decisions.
  • Common difficulties and roadblocks, including negative perceptions others have of the ERM process.
  • Specific ways ERM can be embedded into key parts of the strategic planning process.
  • Action item(s) that you can immediately pursue to begin the process of integrating risk into the strategic planning process.

These 3 videos introduce the first module in my flagship online course Linking ERM to Strategy.

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