Types of Risks

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Interview Dives into Complex Subject of Talent Risks and Opportunities

Just before the 2022 Christmas holidays, I had the pleasure of speaking with Julian Rierson for a short bit over Zoom on the current issues, risks, and opportunities around talent. Julian has an interesting blend of HR and ERM experience, so I felt he was uniquely positioned to provide insights on not only HR issues…
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Does the Southwest Meltdown Prove ERM Haters Correct?

Most of the time, flight delays and cancellations are just an inconvenience for a small number of people. That cannot be said about the recent “meltdown” of Southwest Airlines’ operations over the Christmas 2022 holiday. While the intense winter weather gripping the U.S. affected all airlines, the impact to Southwest was especially severe with close…
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5 Steps to Shifting Board Oversight from Operations and Risk to Strategy

Contrary to popular belief, a Board of Directors, Trustees, or whatever title fits the corporate culture are not only for publicly traded companies. Simply referred to as the Board by most, it can be defined broadly as “…a group of individuals either elected or appointed to provide organizational leadership and oversight.” Following the Enron scandal…
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8 Possible Consequences of Not Being Proactive in Risk Management

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist or have a crystal ball to know how chaotic today’s world is. Whether due to rising costs, supply disruptions, or some other industry-specific issue, companies across-the-board and around the world are experiencing unprecedented challenges, where the response/reaction will determine their course for the next decade or more.…
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Avoid the Gotcha Reputation with Executives by Using One Simple Step

In case you don’t know or can’t tell, I love speaking with and learning from others to understand their challenges as it can reveal what others are likely facing. And a recent conversation with a newly appointed head of audit revealed a challenge that I felt important to pass along. You’ve heard me say over…
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Multi-Decade High Inflation Creates Both Risks and Opportunities

Back at the beginning of 2021, I explored the gathering storm clouds of inflation and whether it was going to become an issue for businesses and individuals in the year ahead. Very few were talking about it at the time, but signs were percolating that price inflation was indeed going to increase – the question…
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