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The Low-Hanging Fruit of Identifying Opportunities

Recently, some neighbors invited us to come and pick some ripened citrus from their trees (before they all froze). At first, this was easy to do since much of the fruit (grapefruit, tangerines, satsumas, etc.) was lower down the tree and easily reachable from the ground, even for our son to reach. What does this…
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Top 23 Risk Management (…and Other) Resources for 2023

I’m sure plenty of family, friends, and associates have already told you, but Happy New Year!! The holiday season is quickly fading in the rearview mirror as January is already feeling like a rocket, and we are all getting back to work. While the past year maybe wasn’t quite as chaotic as the past two,…
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The 12 Days of ERM Christmas

Without a doubt, one of my family’s favorite holidays is Christmas. Part of the fun, especially for our son, is seeing what “Santa” brought, but most importantly, we treasure the spirit of peace and goodwill the season brings. And after what seemed to be a never-ending warm spell, the weather is expected to be good…
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Use calendar tools effectively to ensure repetitional confidence.

Avoid Rookie Mistakes and Protect your Internal Reputation

Be honest – have you ever done something that you soon realized was a real rookie mistake? Me raising my hand… Considering the nature of ERM’s role to ask questions and challenge assumptions (often during conversations with executives), it can be argued that, in at least some cases, the expectations bar for risk professionals is…
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5 Avenues for Expanding your ERM Knowledge

One thing I was taught to appreciate from a young age was the value of education and knowledge. It didn’t necessarily matter what the subject was, just that I always maintain a learning or growth mindset regardless of my current status in life. This mindset has served me well over the years, and it’s a…
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ERM Strategic Planning: Ensuring Long-Term Company Needs are Met

With summer officially underway and the 4th of July holiday closing in, hopefully you’re getting some well-deserved time to step away. Besides some vacation time, this lull before strategic planning resumes sometime in the early fall is also a great time to pause and reflect on the contributions of your company’s ERM program – past,…
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