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Helping organizations sustain and enhance value through tailored enterprise-wide risk solutions

The world in which business operates is changing every day. Risks have to be taken in order for organizations, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, to remain competitive and viable in the long-term.

But the key is taking the right amount of certain kinds of risks at the right time.

One way to ensure that happens is through enterprise risk management, which helps ensure that everything from strategy and planning to everyday operations incorporate risk and opportunity into the decision-making process.

Sadly, a majority of organizations who embark on the ERM journey fail to realize its true benefits because they rely on cut/paste solutions that don’t factor size, industry, needs, culture, and countless of other factors unique to the enterprise.

Through a diverse suite of services, my team and I help organizations develop a customized, practical, value-adding ERM process without adding more “bureaucratic” burdens.

Those services available include:

  • Designing a tailored ERM governance structure
  • Creating a sustainable risk identification and assessment process
  • Reviewing and updating corporate governance documents, such as employee code of conduct and corporate policies
  • Facilitating risk assessment workshops
  • Developing an actionable risk appetite for decision-making
  • Creating presentations on risk for various stakeholders, including executives and board members
  • Providing the tools for integrating ERM with other processes, including strategic and annual planning, vendor management, and project management

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