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Interview Dives into Complex Subject of Talent Risks and Opportunities

Just before the 2022 Christmas holidays, I had the pleasure of speaking with Julian Rierson for a short bit over Zoom on the current issues, risks, and opportunities around talent. Julian has an interesting blend of HR and ERM experience, so I felt he was uniquely positioned to provide insights on not only HR issues…
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Does the Southwest Meltdown Prove ERM Haters Correct?

Most of the time, flight delays and cancellations are just an inconvenience for a small number of people. That cannot be said about the recent “meltdown” of Southwest Airlines’ operations over the Christmas 2022 holiday. While the intense winter weather gripping the U.S. affected all airlines, the impact to Southwest was especially severe with close…
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Top 23 Risk Management (…and Other) Resources for 2023

I’m sure plenty of family, friends, and associates have already told you, but Happy New Year!! The holiday season is quickly fading in the rearview mirror as January is already feeling like a rocket, and we are all getting back to work. While the past year maybe wasn’t quite as chaotic as the past two,…
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The 12 Days of ERM Christmas

Without a doubt, one of my family’s favorite holidays is Christmas. Part of the fun, especially for our son, is seeing what “Santa” brought, but most importantly, we treasure the spirit of peace and goodwill the season brings. And after what seemed to be a never-ending warm spell, the weather is expected to be good…
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Don’t Let Goals and Initiatives Be Blindsided by External Events

As the end of the year draws near, I think we’d all agree that while it wasn’t without its challenges, this year also wasn’t quite as turbulent as the previous two. While a lot of people are juggling company parties, shopping for friends and family, and special activities for the kids, most companies are putting…
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Use calendar tools effectively to ensure repetitional confidence.

Avoid Rookie Mistakes and Protect your Internal Reputation

Be honest – have you ever done something that you soon realized was a real rookie mistake? Me raising my hand… Considering the nature of ERM’s role to ask questions and challenge assumptions (often during conversations with executives), it can be argued that, in at least some cases, the expectations bar for risk professionals is…
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ERM at Thanksgiving – An Illustration of Risk Management in Action

On occasion, I like to take some of the concepts we risk professionals think about in our jobs and apply them to different personal situations…take some of the same concepts we use when working with executives to develop corporate strategy and manage risks or uncertainty around that strategy. It’s Thanksgiving week in the U.S. –…
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The Three Lines Model – 3 Reasons Why I Don’t Like It

Everyone likes a clear-cut template that offers an easy way to create or manage something…I mean what’s not to like about a step-by-step process for accomplishing what you want? Sometimes this can work without any issues, such as the case with the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), ISO 9001 standard, or a new cooking…
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Meet Carol

​As an enterprise risk management consultant, my goal – and a real passion! – is ensuring companies have the tools they need to identify and properly manage threats and opportunities to business objectives ... Read More

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