risks to initiatives

How to Ensure Risks to Initiatives are Being Considered Alongside Objectives

A reader sent me a question about identifying risks to initiatives… More specifically, the reader wanted to know how she could ensure that risk identification focused on objectives doesn’t lose sight of risks that may be associated with initiatives. Before going any further, I want to provide a couple of quick definitions: Objectives – a…
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Handling Unrealistic Expectations of Enterprise Risk Management

You have been told to put together an enterprise risk management program.  Oh, and by the way, they want X, Y, and Z in 3 months.  After picking your jaw off the floor, your head starts spinning with the impossibility of meeting those expectations.  What do you do? You think that there is only one…
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How Well Does Risk Management Adapt to Changes?

There have been so many articles published about regulation changes, economic crises in various countries, even major shifts in executives.  With all these constant changes, risk management must become flexible. How well are we, as risk management professionals, adapting to those changes? Back in 2011 and 2013, I saw articles from Harvard Business Review and…
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