Avoiding the Dreaded “Bureaucracy” in your ERM Efforts

Bureaucracy – it’s such a dreaded word by all who encounter it.

When it comes to an ERM initiative though, many perceive ERM and risk management in general as another layer of bureaucracy to heap onto their to-do pile.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way!! Check out my quick video explaining how you can avoid this dreaded word in your ERM initiative.

Are your ERM efforts suffering from the “bureaucracy” perception problem? If so, I urge you to check out Rescue Your ERM Program’s Reputation with Branding for tips on how you can improve understanding and buy-in for your ERM initiative.


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  • Thanks Carol. To some extent you already set up a ‘bureaucratic’ framework by talking about an ERM ‘program’. I believe both can be by-passed if there is genuine stakeholder demand for assurance, reaching managers via the board or top executives. Risk management (not necessarily a ‘program’) is then driven by that demand via the management hierarchy, and not by a central bureaucracy. From that we could expect a very much higher level of engagement and effectiveness. I’ve made a couple of quick points about that in my own (less advanced) blog at clearlinesaudit.com.au/bus-plan-risk-expert. I will be expanding on this theme over time, and also keeping an eye on your posts over time. Roger

    • Hi, Roger. Thanks for commenting. Let me clarify one thing before replying. My video mentions both “ERM program or processes”…not just a program. Some companies may be required to have a program, while some companies just need to the ERM way of thinking. Whichever way works best for the company/organization. This is also the reason I wrote this post: http://erminsightsbycarol.com/erm-program-not-one-size-fits-all/.

      I wholeheartedly agree that ERM (or just risk management, as long as it is more than just insurance and safety) should be in demand from the top. Without full, active support from the top, risk management won’t go anywhere. However, the biggest (and easiest) way for risk management to avoid the appearance of bureaucracy is to use existing, well-accepted processes to gather risk information.


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