My initial foray into “risk management” was in the early 2000s shortly after completing my B.S. degree in Accounting. As a data analyst and regulator with Florida’s Office of Insurance Regulation, I was responsible for evaluating risk to the insurance company and the public.

It was this interest in the risk management aspects of insurance companies’ operations that led me to pursue an M.S. degree in Risk Management/Insurance from Florida State University.

My studies during a specific course, Risk in the Business Enterprise, triggered a light bulb that continues to develop to this day – risk management is about way more than guarding against hazards and losses.

This revelation had a profound impact on the course of my career.

Shortly after graduation, a tremendous opportunity came up with my then-employer to build an ERM program from the ground up.  It was during this process that I began to realize the value ERM can provide to organizations of all types, not just insurance companies. And I wanted to help more organizations realize that value….

I decided to make the jump from a comfortable, steady paycheck into the uncertain world of running my own consulting firm…

ERM Insights by Carol, LLC was born, offering consulting to organizations to support risk-informed decision through the prioritization of risks and opportunities, so that leadership can focus on taking the right risks to achieve their business objectives.

My professional background is only half the story of ERM Insights by Carol though…

The other half of how it all came to be and what moves it forward can be found in the blessings of my loving family and friends.

Besides being an ERM consultant and mentor, I enjoy leading a quiet life surrounded by those I love most – my husband, our son, our two doggies, and other family and close friends. And I don’t want to forget to mention the (responsibly spayed) community cat we took under our wings at our office in Tallahassee, Florida.

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