While I can only claim that I’ve been directly working in enterprise risk management since mid-to- late 2010, my ERM story goes back much farther.

As a data analyst and regulator with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) in the early-to- mid 2000s, my responsibilities encompassed key concepts of evaluating risk to the insurance company and the public. It was here that I began taking an interest in the risk management aspects of insurance companies’ operations, which led me to pursue an M.S. degree in Risk Management Insurance at the Florida State University.

My studies at FSU, specifically a course entitled Risk in the Business Enterprise, triggered a light bulb that went off: risk management is way more than guarding against hazards and losses.

This personal revelation had a profound impact on the course of my career…

Shortly after completing my M.S. degree in 2009, my then-employer, a $7+ billion Florida property insurance company, made the decision to create an ERM program. It represented a great opportunity to build an ERM program from the ground-up, so in mid-2010, I began transitioning from a data analyst role to that of ERM Manager and eventually Director.

Over the course of this process, I also began seeing the value that ERM can bring to not just insurance companies, but a wide-variety of for- and not-for- profit organizations. And I wanted to help more organizations realize that value….

It was then that I decided to make the jump from my comfortable, steady paycheck, into the uncertain world of entrepreneurship…

When I started ERM Insights by Carol in 2016, my initial goal was to work with organizations to identify and manage threats and opportunities to their business objectives. Like many other “consulting” firms, my initial plan centered on developing an enterprise risk management protocol that the organization could use to not only reduce the negative impacts of risks, but maximize opportunities and overall value as well.

But as the oft-quoted line from the classic Robert Burns poem To a Mouse so eloquently says, “…the best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry.”

After a few months, I realized that organizations needed more than just an outsider to help set up some new process. What they really need is someone with the requisite skill set who is enmeshed in the daily workings and conversations of the organization. Without that person, the ERM process set up in the beginning too often gets cast aside since there is no one at the company to steer the ship.

With this lesson in mind, the idea for ERM Insights by Carol soon went beyond the traditional consulting firm to include other hands-on services aimed at giving other risk management professionals within those organizations the knowledge and tools they need to make ERM a success for the long haul.

My professional background is only half the story of ERM Insights by Carol though…

The other half of how it all came to be and what moves it forward can be found in the blessings of my loving family and friends.

Besides being an ERM trainer, consultant, and entrepreneur, I enjoy leading a quiet life surrounded by those I love most – my husband, our son, our two doggies, and other family and close friends. And I don’t want to forget to mention the stray cat my team and I took under our wings at our office in Tallahassee, Florida.

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